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PROPOSTA PER UN'AUTOPROGETTAZIONE. Un progetto per la realizzazione di mobili con semplici assemblaggi di tavole grezze e chiodi da parte di chi li. By the word autoprogettazione. Mari means an exercise to be carried out individually to improve one's personal understanding of the sincerity behind the project. Architectural Association Exhibition guide School of Architecture Auto- progettazione Revisited Easy-to-Assemble Furniture INSTRUCTIONS bY: Phyllida Barlow.

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Autoprogettazione Pdf

“Autoprogettazione” is an activity of research made through practice. mari- autoprogettazione-1a Corraini Editore (pdf scans). Mari X IKEA. [DIR], Parent Directory, -. [ ], enzo-mari-autoprogettazionepdf, Jul 06, 38M. [ ],, Aug , 14M. Assignment 1: Autoprogettazione? A project for making easy-to-assemble furniture using rough boards and nails. An elementary technique to teach anyone to.

As Narcissus was mirrored in the waters of the lake admiring its beauty, in the same way the light — produced by a COB LED 22W in small suspensions and 3 Led smd 12W in large suspension and table lamp — it is reflected on the tempered glass plate element, cast by hand, reverberating, amplified, in the surrounding space. The table lamp is characterized by the original power cable made in fabric, that protrudes from the upper part of the diffuser. The lamp is dimmable. The new collections are the result of the collaboration with new designers, as Filippo Mambretti, interpreting the light in different way than done in the past, but remaining firmly faithful to the Venetian glass tradition and the craftsmanship of metal working, which have always been the heart of Selene Illuminazione production. F ilippo Mambretti Filippo Mambretti was born in Como on In , he created MakiStyle office, so that he could attempt to innovate design as much as possible, revolutioning communications and projectings. Teacher and professional in the field of product design and interior design winner of numerous design awards including, Infiniti Design Contest , Castelli Design Contest and Autoprogettazione 2.

Every FabLab differs from the rest — in user numbers, spaces and main activities — so people have to be able to assemble the tables according to the needs of each workshop and must be able to adapt or differentiate them to suit their intended use training, lab, chill-out, office, etc.

The activities are varied and constantly evolving so tables have to be quickly adaptable, passing perhaps from electronics welding circuits, debugging, testing to design on a PC and even processing.

As in all self-respecting workshops, the tables are often "ill-treated". Cutting, screwing, sanding, welding and nailing are examples of common operations. What matters is demonstrating that even simple, readily available things — salvaged, brand new, discarded or semi-processed objects — can produce fantastic designs. A repaired object has just as much dignity as one straight out of the factory, and is sometimes even more appealing. As ever, the true maker has two benchmarks: - making something yourself does not mean doing it "badly" or amateurishly, because it is the idea and creativity that matters and can deliver impressive solutions with low environmental impact.

Indicatively, there are three main seating types: seating for tables h 75 cm for people working at a PC or in meetings; seating for work tables h 90 cm ; and relaxed seating for chill-out areas. Lamps The lamps may be for tables, walls or ceilings. Remember that Arduino allows you to make intelligent objects in a FabLab, things that can react to the environment, adapt to different uses, etc.

Enzo Mari’s Autoprogettazione

They can have LEDs or energy-saving bulbs and be made from scrap, recycled or brand-new materials. With 3D printers, laser cutting and other digital technologies you can create otherwise unimaginable objects. While Mari was still at school, his Beginning in the early s with a paradox. Autoprogettazione would last into the future.

Selene Illuminazione - NARCISA: collection of lamps inspired by the myth of Narcissus

Many of his friends from believe in the democracy of mass production. Some of the ing of alienated labour — something he become complacent about the standards of pieces seem imbued with a personality. From another perspective, though, one could say that Autoprogettazi- vBvB how much is the catalogue, then or in one was a work born out of frustration, hindsight, a didactic and educational vehicle coming right on the heels of the design for rather than a design manual?

From Em my intention was that the catalogue was the outset mari was told that no one would only a fragment of ideas useful to design as buy it — it was too conceptual. And so Autopro- a chair, a table or a shelf and the considera- gettazione was born, as a simple set of tion that goes into providing a self-build instructions and materials easily reproduc- manual that allows them to do something ible by anyone with access to basic carpen- themselves, rather than buying it in a shop.

Em it is very important for me that through the Autoprogettazione was openly the manual anyone is potentially able to didactic, and for this reason it was attacked understand the process of construction. But if we take tazione today, what would you change?

Enzo Mari - Autoprogettazione?

And it is Em Quality can only be judged in compari- this deep resonance of the objects with their son to the masterpieces of the past. And this cultural moment that has always set Enzo can only be done with a sincere passion for mari apart as a designer. Autoprogettazione the history of humanity. Brief 1.

Choose one piece of furniture from the catalogue and construct the piece as instructed. Fabricate the piece again but this time alter the instruction by a ratio of either 30 or 70 per cent. Any addition, subtraction, scaling, misreading, amplification or what- ever you choose to do should be in reference to the original instructions, literally or conceptually.

All changes should be first made through the instructions.

Anything that is to be displayed in public has to convey a degree of generosity. Phyllida Barlow of objects.

In , Gander Sue Barr ments using readily available, School of Fine Art where she is techniques, people and places. The Studies.

Autoprogettazione by ENZO Mari - Hardcover MINT

After an development award from the won the Prix de Rome for sculp- Colour section monumental and often seemingly Lucas Maassen apprenticeship in cabinet-making, Clerkenwell Green Association ture the national Dutch art prize. Enzo Mari portrait and alive — paint spills, tape peels, At what point does furniture Gamper studied sculpture and now Craft Central , scholarships Earlier this year, Gander present- exhibition opening: bits blow over in the wind or exist?

Lucas Maassen started product design at the University to craft schools in Maine and ed his first major solo retrospec- photos by Valerie Bennett teeter on the point of collapse.

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Joe has exhibited at which followed two solo exhibi- Martino Gamper, Joe Pipal, to participate in their completion; scale or true nature. Group shows include Korey Kromm, Stefan Laxness, documentation.

Recent group on the items. Scale became an the RCA, graduating in

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