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Scarne on Card Tricks - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Scarne. This marvelous treasury of card magic presents the exact details of professional card tricks — none of them requiring sleight-of-hand dexterity — assembled. May 18, Scarne describes easy to do tricks with cards. No sleight of PDF | by download [ MByte] Scarne on Card Tricks by John Scarne.

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Card. Tricks. Originally Compiled by. Glenn Gravatt. Revised and Expanded by. Jean Hugard. Associate Editor. John J. Crimmings, Jr. PDF version by TARKO. DIGITAL PRODUCT (PDF DOWNLOAD). John Scarne's Think-A-Card. Author/ Originator: John Scarne/Dr. Jacob Daley. Product Code: e A number of. An authority on gaming and card tricks, John Scarne is renown for teaching professional gamblers how to sharpen their skills to avoid being fleeced. For this .

Licensed for personal use only. No resale or re-distribution. Description Virtually unobtainable for many years! Here is one of the greatest card feats known. An advanced card trick for those who are willing to put a little time into its presentation. It is one of the effects that sent John Scarne to the top and made him one of the greatest card men in the world. Here is the effect: Any deck of cards is shuffled by anyone and spread face-up on the table. A number of people are requested to merely think of a card. The magician meanwhile writes predictions on small slips of paper for each card thought of, although none of the cards have as yet been named. The thought of cards are removed from the deck and the predictions are placed on top of each card. When the slips are opened out, each card has positively been predicted correctly. No gimmicks are used, just a subtle Scarne move that makes the trick infallible and will be a reputation builder for you.

The written history of magic now picks up with Biblical literature. Another trace is found in the story of Joseph who interpreted the Egyptian king's dreams and foretold Egypt's seven years of famine. Magic continued to grow. The thaumaturgist of ancient times passed on his secret knowledge to the mahatmas of Tibet, the priests of Bel, the yogis of India, the Taoists of China, the druids and marabouts, the priests of fire and thunder, the mystics of Babylon and Arabia.

Religion and magic were intertwined, the one seemingly inseparable from the other. The procession moved into the Dark Ages with the appearance of astrologers and alchemists, cabalists and Rosicrucians, but the nature of magic was changing.

The miracle worker thus stood as the vanguard against Satan and evil powers. But science was growing, bringing new knowledge to dispel the darkness, and in time science became the rival of Black Magic for the attention of the masses. Dee, and the ultimate last vestige of the old magic - the prince of thieves, the master charlatan, the Count di Cagliostro.

As Black Magic retreated, a new kind of magic began to develop. The three-shell game and its sophisticated offspring the cups and balls were popular tricks of mountebanks and thimbleriggers. It was a time of change, a time when new magical effects and methods had to be developed to keep pace with the marvels of science and invention.

The incantations, charms, and other trappings of the supernatural were no longer suitable to the times. Just as earlier magicians could not entirely free themselves from the mumbo jumbo associated with primitive forms of their art, so too could Pinetti not resist claiming that he was endowed with preternatural powers.

Decremps followed his first book with a second, published a year later, exposing all of Pinetti's new tricks. Pinetti's feats were later exposed by a professor of physics in Berlin named Kossman, but it appears that Pinetti was ultimately brought down by a rival magician and he moved to Russia.

The burgeoning Industrial Revolution brought with it a vastly increased interest on the part of the public in clever machines. An astonishing automaton, designed by von Kempelen in , was a clockwork chess player called "The Turk.

It was the subject of terrific publicity and controversy for more than fifty years. Among the famous names of the day who played and lost to The Turk was Benjamin Franklin. TIlE r-. As early as , a town in Virginia put forth the decree that conjurors and "other idle persons" be barred. The ranks of the great and near-great on both sides of the Atlantic swelled. But magic was changing again.

Magicians no longer found it necessary to cloak each trick in mysterious patter. Free from the bonds of the past, able to exploit new sleights, new techniques, new approaches, magic moved from the vaudeville stage to the nightcl ub floor.

Scarne on Card Tricks by John Scarne :

Each was the master of his own specialty, and each remains unexcelled to this day. Magic continues to grow. The great master in this field is Tony Slydini, and it is his theories that have influenced the generation just coming to maturity in the closeup field. Magic and Its Professors The history of magic is in a sense a history of what people are willing to believe.

He came to fame in the late eighteenth century, a strange time in the annals of history - a time with a curious mix of skepticism and credulity, of romance and intrigue. The atmosphere was an uneasy one of materialism and superstition, and those who exploited French society would later find themselves consumed in its ultimate destruction by the French Revolution.

Of Cagliostro, Greeven wrote in the Calcutta Review: It is not enough to say that Cagliostro posed as a magician, or stood forth as the apostle of a mystic religion.

Cagliostro impressed himself deeply On the history of his time. He flashed on the world like a meteor. He carried it by storm. Princes and nobles thronged to his " magic operations. He was offered, and refused, a ducal throne.

Goethe made him the hero of a famous drama. A French Cardinal and an English Lord were his bosom companions. Cagliostro's career began with his arrival in London It was there that he announced himself as a wonder-worker, capable of duplicating the alchemists' art of transmuting base metals to gold and of knowing the ingredients of an Egyptian wine that would prolong life.

He took an interest in rituals associated with Masonic lodges, and though bitterly repudiated by British members of the fraternity, Cagliostro attracted thousands of eager followers. Claiming the gift of miraculous cures, the ability to conjure gold from worthless metals, and the power to see the future, he was an instant celebrity.

In her Memoirs the Baroness d'Oberkirch wrote: No one can ever form the faintest idea of the fervor with which everybody pursued Cagliostro. He was surrounded, besieged; everyone trying to win a glance or a word. A dozen ladies of rank and two actresses had followed him in order to continue their treatments.

Scarne on card tricks

Cagliostro's greatest fame and the beginning of his ultimate downfall came with his appearance in Paris in He was greeted as the latest sensation and no story of his prowess seemed too impossible to believe. The guest of royalty, he nevertheless proclaimed himself the chief of the Rosicrucians and thus a being elevated above the rest of mankind, nobles included.

He gave a spirit seance at which the ghosts of six dead men were made to appear.

At the height of his fame he was arrested and thrown into the Bastille on a charge of complicity in the theft of a diamond necklace. After a long incarceration in the Bastille without trial, he was ultimately acquitted.

The public's outrage at the practices of French royalty was but a hint of the revolutionary fervor that was to grow stronger and spread, culminating in the bloody thunder of the French Revolution.

The Freemasons repudiated him, and he soon became the object of continued and widespread ridicule. Deeply in debt, unable to attract an audience of the gullible, threatened with lawsuits, he fled to Rome.

It was a fatal choice. In he was arrested and jailed in the fortress of San Angelo on the charge of attempting to practice Freemasonry. Tried before tIle cowled inquisitors of the Holy Inquisition, he was found guilty and sentenced to a dungeon at the Castle of San Angelo.

An attempted escape failed. He was never seen nor heard from again. It is said that Cagliostro died in August, , but officially the exact date of his death is a blank - an ignoble end to a once notoriously powerful figure. A contemporary of Cagliostro's, the chevalier Pinetti, represents an interesting contrast in style.

Pinetti was born in in Tuscany. The general public, awakened to the enchantment of inexplicable mysteries as performed by Cagliostro and Mesmer, were quick to proclaim Pinetti's magical abilities. If you are not an experienced performer, the subtleties will not fly by your audience. It's better for beginners to focus on skill and sleight-of-hand. There is some other material on self-working card magic that's good for beginners, but this is not one of them.

It's more of a reference book to me.

I skim through the pages and see if there are ways that I can apply some of the tricks and subtleties into my act. Again, if you are a beginner, do not expect to get much mileage out of this book.

By all means, download it.

Magic Tricks

After all, the price is awesome. When you have a firm grasp of the basics of card magic, and experience in performing in general; then this is something you should take a look at. You are sure to find some gems and other material that suits you.

Did this review help you? These must be stupid tricks then!

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Boy was I wrong! Many of the tricks in here are good as well as some not as good, AND it teaches the Do as I do so I think its a way better investment, especially since it's tricks. Theres stuff for everyone in this book, like 4 ace tricks, poker tricks, counting and spelling tricks, mentalism with cards, and some math tricks.

I highly recommend this book to someone whose looking for a break from their knuckle busting sleights. Hidden Gems Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on September 26th, Don't be fooled by this book: sure, many of the tricks are lame or outdated.