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  2. Favorite The Art of Mass Effect - Andromeda [PDF] download
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Welcome to the Mass Effect wiki guide. If this is your first time playing Mass Effect you are in for a treat. This is the first installment of a. mass-effect - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Mass Effect 2 - Prima Official Game Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

Comments Downloadable Content Alright, assuming that you have already downloaded the game, run it at least once. Go to 'Options', mess around with the settings and quit the game. If you're having trouble downloading take a look at this: 1. Bring Down The Sky The pack includes a new system, three assignments, one achievement and about 90 minutes of gameplay. It also introduces the batarians. Download 'Bring Down The Sky'.

L M shotgun Common military shotgun. I I Use t h e locker in your private quarters aboard t h e Normandy t o change out your armor a f t e r acquiring new pieces. Deadly at short range. Effective against shields and biotic M Scimitar Assault Shotgun barriers. Grunt Rapid-fire shotgun. Deals high damage at short range. You spend squad poir qb your squad mates to use.

Your combat drone is rigged to explode when destroyed. Bulsing energy that inflicts high damage on all nearby enemies. Once the evolution of a power is selected. Every single power you can acquire. The Hardened Adrenaline Rush reduces damage taken while the power is engaged.

Powers Powers are special -ski1 character's area of expertise. Your powers are incredibly efficient. Oper r e health.

T do o this. You can still look around. Each chart details who may use a power.

Favorite The Art of Mass Effect – Andromeda [PDF] download

They retharge faster and last longer. Mastering e power grants Plus.. All powers hatsI-'. L When you max out a power t o level 4. Your Paragon and RenegadeJ Keep your combat drone up at all times. Guardian Energy-charged armor boosts You excel under stress.

Assassin Agent You have modified your Use this power defensively. I1 1 I Defender Fine-tunes your brain. Your focus in sniper zoom is enhanced.

Your biotic focus ga intense g that not only does the charge Use Charge defensively to recharge your barrier. Your makes it much easier to hit Paragon and Renegade scores enemies. Hyper-accelerates your you an intense concentration and gives a duration bonus Using a damaging shockwave. The armor is now rigged for maximum pulse when You specialize in using your engineeringand biotics as weapons. You are a master of the Assassihidden strike. D Tactical Cloak To your enemies.

Favorite The Art of Mass Effect - Andromeda [PDF] download

Enhanced Cloak Operative Your weapon damage is more punishing and frequent. The armor's deflection Points in this power are required to access the most critical Paragon and Renegade conversation options in the game. Your endurance and mental fortitude reduce the recharge Want to be a master sniper? I Your mastery of biotic throws allows you to hurl multiple Throw Field targets into the air simulta. Heavy A massive blast that propels Concussive enemies with bone-crushing Shot force. Jacob Stops krogan and vorcha from regenerating.

Freezes enemies. Your entire squad gains the cryo ammo's effects. Squad Incendiary Ammo Your entire squad gains the effect of your incendiaries. Pull Levitates enemies. Heavy Warp Effective against armor and biotic barriers.

Samara I. Hurls enemies through the air using a powerful biotic field. Rips enemies apart at the molecular level and stops Your health regeneration. A massive blast that propels enemies with bone-crushing force. Heavy Throw. Arc powers around obstacles t you. W r corners or over cover. The apex of cryogenic rounds. Grunt down multiple enemies.

Mirandas Thane Adepts. Increases the blast radius Unstable when Warp detonatesbiotic Warp effects. Affects all nearby targets. Aim to the side of an enemy to pull your target off a cliff or ledge. I An explosive charge spreads Inferno Ammo the ammunition's payload on impact. Pull Field. Just target the enemy 1 I and then deploy the power. Warp is supereffecjve versus armor and barriers. Knock enemies off of ledges with Concussive Shot. Rips through shields and shreds synthetic targets.

By manipulating mass effect fields. Good against synthetic enemies and enemies with shields. Squad Disruptor Ammo Biotic s Biotic p w e r s are generated through bio-amp technology t h a t allows the user t o the generate mass effec fields. Biotic shockwaves topple Heavy Pull damage is increased sentinels. Your levitational abilities keep your target suspended longer. Your entire squad gains the Disruptor Ammo's effects.

Concussive Blast High-energy explosive charges give your shot an impact Soldiers' radius large enough to knock Garrus. Mirandays All classes can actually. Tech powers are different from biatics. These powers include boosting shields. Mordin's studies of ballistics.

Area Dram 1 better sulted s for crowd control situations d luarian Machinist Sharpens Tali's combat skills and weapon damage. Renegade Makes his powers more damaging. If it can be fired. If Garrus falls often. Neural Shockwave Mordin's shock capacitors are greatly increased. Modest cybernetics and immunoenhancers increase her health Tali's great with a gun.

All classes can learn this power. Evolution 1. Mordin's technical breakthroughs further increase me strength of his shields. Tungsten Ammo Advanced tungsten carbide rounds in discarding sabots increase the damage done by Armor-Piercing Ammo. His weapon and power damage increase dramatically.

She'd be even better with Quarian Mechanic. Turian Rebel Enhances Garrus's combat skills. Garrus knows how to use it. Lengthens her power durption. Evolve to Salarian Genius to boost his shields. Strengthens Mordin's combat skills. Neural Shock Cripple an organic enemy with pain. Long hours alone against impossible odds have wnditioned Garrus's health and kept his powers sharp. Choose the group version of this power if you don't have any weapon powers. Increases Samara's combat skills.

Power 7. Samara's time is spent honing her lethal skills. I inmasing its health. Profiles of the enemies you encounter throughout your adventure are placed throughout the walkthrough section of this guide so you know how t o deal with them when you meet them for tht first time. Improves her power rechame time. Thane Area I I The biotic becomes a vortex of life. A low-I lioence.. The profile also lists a classification for the enemy so you have intel on how much resistance t o expect from the target.

A very intelligent enemy with good defenses. Samara's biotic abilities now rival those of an asari matriarch. An intelligent enemy with good attack strength and use of powers. Each enemy profile includes listings for the foe's carriea weapon and any special powers or defenses. Don't even bother using Reave against geth or mechs. Heavy Reave The biotic focuses on snuffing out a single target's life.

A Sar. Restores the biotic's health when power is used against organics. If you leave them with even a sliver of health. Health i vitality. The loyalty Achievements you earn will grant you a special option if you replay the game. Here is the full list of bonus powers you may choose from and t h e "chievement you must earn t o make t h a t power Possible Eon1 Related Arhievem - my Barrier: Biotic-based barriers.

Same enemies car and barriers. Once health ha the target dies.. Enemy Armor: Enemy ar orange bar. L C y engrneers use combat drones c from afa end When you target an enemy.

The base of the enemy information is i t s health. This information is located along the top of the screen. Armor can After completing the character creation using a new or imported character. Krogen and vorcha enemies have regenerative health.

C or inside the commander's personal es acquired. Many research projects require t h a t you already possess a specific upgrade t h a t you acquired in the field or downloadd from a shop. Find them during missions omni-tool. There are two categories of upgrades and improvements t h a t Shepard must keep track of: There are t Spend credits t o download them in stores.

Research projects consist of everything from n as computer terminals The most powerful upgrades in the game are built. Upgrading the squad's ' improve Shepard's chance of weapons and armor. Commander Shepard can improve the mission's chances for success by Upgrading the Normandy will pursuing more than just weapons and powers. These are intertwined.

I o E '4 Research Projects As soon as you have located and r e m q professor. Mordin Solus. This disrupts any I mass effect field protecting the target. Upgrade tables note: Upgrades assault rifles. Upgrades can be pur from stores with credits.

A smart targeting module calculates and compensates for minute barrel movements. Upgrades the assault rifles. Most weapons have five damage upgrades available and two advanced upgrades t h a t improve the weapon on a Tore fundamental level.. Use the tables and charts in this chapter t o ake the guesswork out of acquiring upgrades nd research projects. This upgrade strengthens a weapon's 7' Iridiummass effect field aenerator. Obtain credits on Shepard will sometimes obtain new weapons while If you obtain a new weapon but would prefer t o use a previous weapon.

All upgrades are cumulative. By knowing exactly which pgrades are out there and which research projects you may want t o complete. Obtain upgrades t h a t improve Shepard's weapons and the weapons of favored squad members.

It n ' t be stressed enough: Researching upgrades critical t o success in Mass Effect 2. The slugs' tungsten content is increased. A phasic envelope surrounds each slug before it is fired at a target.

Smart targeting does not mean the bullet will automatically find the mark every time the trigger is pulled. It's recomended you obtain enough minerals t o obtain I useful research upgrades as they will greatly nprove your capabilities. Your entire squad's assault rifles are now much more accurate. UW Firing on a target in a howling gale feels the same as it does on a calm day on Iridium a practice range. Norma mpensate for wind and recoil.

SMG damage against shields and biotic barriers. Upgrades the submachine 2' 5' guns of your entire squad. Allows for smaller. Upgrades SMGs for your entire squad. Improves SMGs for your entire squad. This upgrade improves a weapon's mass effect field 7' Iridium. This disrupts any mass effect field protectingthe target. More efficient heat-sink materials improve the absorption and dissipation of heat. A module in the mass effect field generator creates a phasic envelope around each slug before it is fired at a target.

By measuring and replicating neural system this upgrade enables the user to maintain mass effect fields with less uad members. Maintaining a single mass effect field continual concentration.

Cerberus has prototyped a multiple-operating-systemapproach that should allow one omni-tool to run dozens of configurations. This should result in better performanceat each individual task. Most omni-tools are tuned to have an effective life span of 10 years or more for precision work and up Tech Damage 5' Element for more general tasks Disabling most safety protocols and installing to 50 Level Zero an experimental power core improves efficiency but reduces the expected operating life span by a factor of Upgrades t o the Normandy will 1 All ship upgrades must be researcb these research projects.

Research cost The NoPmandy is the most technologically advanced Cerberus ship in the galaxy. The Spectre is a special class of agent t h a t works directly for t h e Council and outside of all galactic laws t h a t otherwise govern t h e accepted.

The commander is about t o return t o dul and resume the missiom to r i d the galaxy of the Reaper threat. But science has advanced far enough t h a t not even death is final.

Spectre stands for Special Tactics and Recon- naissance. Commander Shepard was lost following the unexpected and devastating attack on the Normandy. As Shepard rises from the operating table.

Ther are dropped by destroyed mechs and left fleeing facility personnel. Though it is difficult t o understand what the people hovering over You are sayingl YOU realize that you are being 'perated On and that you should not be awake right now. This part of the game is a tutorial designed t o teach the player some of Mass Effect 2's controls. Most weapons require a steady supply of thermal clips t o keep them from overheating.

Lazarus enas a little earlier than intended. Faces blur in and out of focus. The Shepard down. Froject Lazarus 1 You wake inside a laboratory.

She directs She pistol and then t o some therm. She doesn't have time t o tell Shepard much. After your vitals are stabilized. B E 3 Welcome t o Proiect Lazarus. U3KI Mechs attack with standard-issue machine pistols a t long t o medium range. A single blast t o the head causes the meoh t o explode. Up close. These mechs are typically programmed t o patrol sectors and. Minion Powers: Taser Blast Defenses: Jacob has no idea why the mechs started the attack.

Wilson e Jacob and t:. There are other topics'to pursue: Jacob is Miranda's t Use Miranda's terminal t o learn more about Project Lazarus and add relevant information t o your codex. In a Hurry7 The service years in t h e Alliance before leaving and accepting this job. Only somebody close t o the project could get the needed access t o hack and reprogram all of the rnechs t o attack-especially just as you woke up. There's n 'lout her a t this point.

You can Iursue a line of questioning about your crew from. If you successfully hack i t. L Wilson help you out wi. Don't expect any face time. Shepard is scanned into a hologram projector The commander will speak t o the lllusive Man via some serious long- Use t h e armor locker in the bay above the hologram chamber t o outfit Shepard.

Shepard finally has a chance answers with the Illusive Man. Security is paramount. And t h a t ' s a s the best w the latest human co. Shepard points out t h a t if t h e illusive Man Wanted t o take on t h e Talk t o Miranda and Jacob t o learn more about them and potentially earn more Paraaofleneaade points. The first. I- Refined Iridium I. Commander Shepard has entered into an uneasy alliance with Cerberus. Shepard has little choice but t o see how far this new partnership will go.

Since the Council seems determined t o ignore Shepard's warnings and t u r n a blind eye t o the Reapers t h a t are still out there. The Illusive Man still believes t h a t the galaxy is under threat from the Reapers. Objective 1 Investigate Colony: As the shuttle circles Freedom's Progress. Miranda tells Shepard t h a t the I Illusive Man has placed the commander in charge. The activate as soon as they -- Use zoom t o target the mechs. Of course.

A t the conclusion of the oonvars'stion. Freedom's Progress is silent and still. According t o Jacob. But the last one t o leave left the lights on and did not place the colony on lockdown.

The approac gives you plenty of time t o discuss the situation with Miranda and Jacob. SO follow the trail of open doors. Cut them down. Minior Powers: But why would quarians be interested in. Gyt I seemingly trigger-happy quaria. Prazza is unhappy he situationJ6utdutifully obeys. Their four-legged design reminds many humans of attack dogs seen in old films. I krcer caKlng aown tne mecns.. Prazz zero t r u s t for Cerberus operatives. Tali1Zorahvas Neema. Shields Weapons: Assault Gun. When t h e quarians arrived t o help Veetor.

Chew through t h e drones' shields and then pick apart t h e exposed hull t o p u t t h e t u r r e t s down. The t u r r e t s can be programmed t o recognize allies as well as enemies. Tali explains why she and t h e other quarians are a t Freedom's Progress.

Tali and her team will circle t h e far side of t h e colony and draw away security r Ouarian: A nomadic race Stationed across a wide chasm. While Tali describes Veetor as neivousT Prazza offers a less charitable adjective: This leads t o a bigger question: Why did t h e force that swallowed up t h e human colonists leave behind a quarian?

One of their own was on his Pilgrimage: Veetor survived while everyone else disappeared. Assault drones are n o t intelligent A1 creatures like t h e geth. A s cruel a s it sounds.

These weapons are designed t o tear up infantry and disable vehicles. If both arms are disabled. There is a lot of cover in t h e courtyard wrth the YMlR Mech. D i r e c t Miranda o r Jacob t o a point in t h e courtyard I that the upon your squad m a t e. Heavy Armor Weapons: Depending on which arm you remove. The giant is armed t o the teeth with a rocket launcher on one arm and a minigun on the other.

Boss Powers: Death Explosion Defenses: Heavy Shields. The YMlR is also fitted with both shields and armor. L As threatening as the YMlR is. I f you do not keep on top of t h e mech. All the humans in the colony were taken away by what he calls the "monsters. If the Collectors are involved in wiping building directly above the wreckage of the YMlR out human colonies. The quarian was not par L. Veetor I finally turns away from the monitor bay and t o your team. Ybu have t o approach Veetor out bf extract whatever information you can get him.

Finding Veetor lay: Investigate the a Collector. Miranda calls this being the rest of her quarian associates. How you choose t o s t sets the tone for the r e s t was able t o sweep through leads Miranda t o wonder if the Collectors are using technology t h a t single's out humans.

He is mumbling something about monsters. There was a swarm moving through the colony. If you compassionately end the conversation with Veetor. He is surprised t o see humans. The lllusive M a n has prepared dossiers on notable soldiers and s c i e n t i s t s t h a t could prove beneficial for t h e mission. You can implore Tali t o join you on t h i s mission and peacefully allow her t o take Veetor back t o t h e fleet [ t o Miranda's chagrin]. How you approach t h i s minor standoff will earn you Paragon o r Renegade points.

This will earn you Renegade points. Or you can demand t h a t Veetor come w i t h you and your squad so you can question him further.

New ship? And Joker only looks good in t h e cockpit of one ship. Continue your conversation w i t h t h e lllusive M a n t o gather additional intel about t h e Collectors and t h e mysterious. The l a s t advice t h a t t h e lllusive Man has before you depart t o begin t h e process of assembling a new t e a m is t o seek o u t t h e salarian s c i e n t i s t Mordin Solus on Omega. He w a n t s you LU continue investigating b u t understands t h a t you will need resources beyond just Miranda and Jacob.


The lllusive Man sees a connection between t h e Reapers and t h e Collectors. The quarian refuses t o l e t even Shepard take away Veetor He obviously needs help. I t t u r n s o u t t h a t t h e Illusive M a n suspected t h e Collectors were involved in t h e disappearance of t h e human colonies. Cerberus is known for being r u t h l e s s.

This will earn you Paragon points. Tali finally catches up t o Shepard. No non-Collector ship has ever been able t o successfully use t h a t relay. Having a s c i e n t i s t on t h e t e a m will open up research options aboard your ship. Shepard would r a t h e r have t h e original t e a m back. Investigating a human colony stripped bare by the Collectors..

Meeting the mysterious Illusive Man. There are special missrons t o accept. Christened Norman y SR While he appreciates upgrades like leather seats [as well as an upgraded FTL drivel. Shepar can immediately plot a course t o the next planet. Aaain Diloted bv Joker. Touring the Normandy is entirely optional.

Surviving a mech attack. Miranda has her suggestion ready: Mordin Splus on Omega. Without ' e r n e means neutralizing the swarm. Use the galaxy map on deck i t o plot se. You can t but the only one rnn The order of seeking recruits is ultimately up t o Shepard.

Miranda and Jacob Dossier: The Professor Dossier: Archangel Dossier: The Convict W"'. Okeer possible four recruits.. Miranda and Jacob flank the commander t o talk about the next step of the mission. From t h e lalaxy maqfshepard can launch missions and direct ZrTipilot the ship t o any available planet.. Combat Information Center ClC. Shepard's privatc.

Access the private terminal t o read -"incoming mes5ages meant only for Shepard's E t o investigate the crew's specializations when Shepard collects enough minerals and tech. Shepard's 9 t can be mc led. The largest featqre of the flight deck is S. F n the armor locker. Next t o the galaxy map is Shepard's private terminal. Chambers far more effective in this role if as an informal confidante than a ed head domor Conversing with ED1 leads t o ad itionalinformation about the role sf the Al's W t i n e.

Press cyberneti about her ability t o run electronic ah warfare defenses t o prevent any intruders into Normandy's systems during an a t t a c k ED1 monitors shipboard activities and repdfts c information back t o the lilusive Man.

Wt 3iAt? The krogan prove able to survive the harsh environments of the rachni worlds and pursue the rachni into their nests, systematically eradicating queens and eggs. In gratitude for their aid during the Rachni Wars, the Council rewards the krogan a new homeworld. Free of the harsh environment of Tuchanka , the krogan population explodes.

Growing concerns about their expansion lead to the founding of the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch of the Citadel. Eventually the Council demands withdrawal from the asari colony of Lusia , but the krogan refuse. A preemptive strike is made on krogan infrastructures by the Spectres. The Krogan Rebellions begin. The Citadel Council makes first contact with the turians around this time and persuades them to aid in the war. After the krogan respond to the initial turian offensive by devastating turian colonies with weapons of mass destruction, the turians vow to stop the krogan from ever becoming a threat again.

Sometime after the turians join the galactic community, the volus are accepted as a client race of the Turian Hierarchy. The krogan population starts its decline.

The turians fill the military and peacekeeping niche left by the decimated krogan. The Citadel Conventions are drawn up in the wake of the conflict.

In Citadel space, the claims are dismissed as unsubstantiated rumors and tall tales. Estimated date In the Andromeda galaxy, the Jardaan begin deploying Remnant machines to the Heleus Cluster to terraform barren planets into life-supporting worlds.

Rila and Falere accept exile, but Morinth flees. Samara takes the oaths of the asari justicars and pursues her errant daughter for the next years. Aria is hired by the station's warlord as an enforcer and quickly becomes one of his most trusted lieutenants.

Fearing a geth uprising, the quarians begin dismantling them. The geth revolt against their quarian masters. In the resulting conflict --known to the geth as the Morning War--the geth systematically drive the quarians from their own worlds. The surviving quarians are reduced to living as spacefaring nomads aboard the Migrant Fleet. Contrary to expectations, the geth do not venture outside the former quarian systems into wider Citadel space, instead isolating themselves from the rest of the galaxy behind the Perseus Veil.

As punishment for creating the geth, the Citadel Council closes the quarian embassy on the Citadel. Completion of the mega-structure, which would allow the geth to maximize their collective processing capacity, is the long-term goal of geth civilization. Humanity becomes a spacefaring race. Cohen the cure. Asari commandos are powerful biotic warriors. As soon as you gain control of Shepard.

Remain behind cover in an effort to avoid the asari commando's biotic abilities. She cannot be reasoned with. Captain Ventralis and the guards will attack if you do so.

To create the cure. Do so four times to acquire the cure. Kill the rachni soldier at the end and then proceed through the door. Rift Station Part 2 Objective: Alestia's Attack Han Olar told you that the geth came from the sealed maintenance area. The bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen displays Benezia's power level. Move through the corridor until you reach the ventilation room.

That means Benezia must be somewhere within. Return to Cohen Once Alestia and the geth have been dealt with. Once you have the cure. Their Stasis ability in particular can make a mess of things. Once you've given Dr. You are rewarded with XP.

Rachni Queen Objective: It also counts as a mission if you are working to unlock any of the 'Ally' achievements. You can either allow the rachni queen to live.

Talk to Yaroslev Tartakovsky in the Hot Labs to learn about the rachni race's reemergence from its supposed extinction. Once the coast is clear.

You'll gain control of Shepard shortly after speaking to Benezia. She asks for a chance to rebuild her species as a more peaceful race. However there is plenty of XP to be had in the Hot Labs. Showing mercy and setting the rachni queen free yields a large amount of Paragon points.

Benezia then summons a second batch of geth snipers. When the power level bar has been depleted. This objective is optional. Shepard and crew approach the stunned Matriarch. Benezia summons a group of geth troopers and snipers. Matriarch Benezia When the asari commando's have been dealt with. Take out the geth you can see from your current position.

Use cover to eliminate the snipers without taking damage. Using an asari commando's body as a medium. Yaroslev happens to be one. Yaroslev Mira Terminal Noveria: The Hot Labs Objective: Arm the Purge Ask Mira about the 'neutron purge.

Kill the rachni and then retrieve the purge codes from Yaroslev's corpse. Only administrators carry such a key card. Code Omega The Hot Labs quickly fills with rachni soldiers and workers. Ask him how to activate the purge.

Now that you have the code. The purge is set to go off in two minutes. Quickly clear the room of rachni and get in the elevator to complete the mission. Rachni Purge Codes Objective: Acquired Codes Return to the Mira terminal and interact with it. Virmire A salarian reconnaissance team on Virmire has information on Saren.

Travel to Virmire to meet with the team. Virmire Objective: The path to the first gatehouse is very straightforward, just be sure not to drive off course as the Mako will sink, and that's game over. You'll encounter geth drones and troopers along the way, but luckily the Mako's weaponry can make short work of them.

Look to your radar to locate hostiles and take them out as you move towards the gatehouse. Unfortunately your radar jams as you near the first barricade, so slow down at this point and scan the area up ahead for drones and troopers.

The first gatehouse is heavily occupied by geth troops. Without your radar it can be hard to spot the smaller drones, so use the Mako's zoom and visually scan the area up ahead. There are additional geth on the gatehouse's second floor. The second floor can be reached by heading up the stairs on the left side of the gatehouse. There is no need to go up there, but there are storage lockers to open, as well as XP to be had by killing the geth.

Geth armatures and colossi are positioned beyond the gatehouse, so proceed with caution. Keep your distance and use the Mako's cannon to destroy them. Return to the Citadel Race Against Time: Sovereign Objective: Report to the Council The Citadel Council is content to drop the issue with Saren, claiming that he is no longer a threat. Shepard receives no support from Ambassador Udina on this matter, and the ambassador effectively grounds the Normandy.

Meet with Anderson Just as it seems that this mission is over, back aboard the Normandy you receive word from Joker that Anderson wishes to speak with you at the Citadel. You are told to meet him at the Flux club in the Upper Wards.

This is your last chance to complete any of the assignments you have yet to complete or trigger at the Citadel, as you won-t be able to return here once you-ve made off with the Normandy. Keep in mind that any assignment that requires you to return to the Citadel cannot be completed at this point.

Anderson is seated at a table near the back of the club. Anderson tells you that he can bypass the Normandy lockdown by breaking into Citadel control and using one of the consoles there, though this puts him at significant risk due to the presence of armed guards in that area.

Ask Anderson about other options; since Udina ordered the lockdown, Anderson could break into the ambassador-s office and hack into his computer.

Anderson will succeed in unlocking the Normandy regardless of the option you choose, but the cutscene that the Udina option offers is wholly more satisfying and prevents Anderson from coming to harm. Go to Ilos A word of warning: Once you land on Ilos you cannot return to the Normandy, so complete any assignments left undone before proceeding.

Check out the 'Optional Assignments' section and its sub-sections for a complete list. Return to the Docking Bay and board the Normandy to trigger the departure cutscene. Take out the group of geth in the courtyard and start towards the elevator at the other end of the area. Sprint to the end of the area and take the series of ramps down to the reach the lower ruins.

Move north until you reach a small area that contains geth stalkers and sappers. You could also pursue this option if you are willing to part with some Omni-gel. Ilos Landing Ilos: Find the Conduit Objective: Override the Security Saren cannot be pursued until you find some way to open the door that shut behind him.

Of particular danger are the two geth armatures. Decrypt the terminal. Enter the Mako and use its weaponry to destroy the geth coming from the south. You'll be facing plenty of geth here. When the perimeter is clear. This area is dense with geth. This option requires a high Decryption skill. Take cover behind one of the large stone blocks in the area. Stop Saren from finding the Conduit on Ilos to prevent Sovereign from carrying out its devastating plan.

The terminal is next to the entrance to this section. Ilos This is it. Overkill to destroy it as quickly as possible. Blast the rocket troopers as you drive by and continue moving towards the large barrier visible in the distance. Return to the Landing Zone. The elevator leads up to the Security Station. The first stretch is clear of geth. Use the Armature Repair stations at the head of the bay to raise some geth armatures to help wipe out the remaining geth.

Open the Security Panel to activate a strange recording. Security Panel Recording Objective: Enter the Archives Make your way to the elevator at the north end of the Security Station and take it to the Plaza area.. At the center of the Armature Bay stands a number of geth troops and a hulking geth prime.

The prime is one powerful variant of geth. What follows is a lengthy conversation with the ancient Prothean VI. Drop into the trench and drive down the path.

Vigil details the Reaper attack. Activate the elevator to reach the Watcher's Chamber. To the Archives Barrier Exit the Mako once you reach the barrier and enter the elevator to the right of it. A group of geth rocket troopers stand ready at the archives' end. Move to the other end of the walkway and interact with Vigil. You'll soon come to another group of rocket troopers. Blast the rocket troopers with the Mako's cannon and then immediately turn your attention to the colossus.

Keep a fair distance between yourself and the colossus and use the cannon and machine gun to damage it. Vigil Race Against Time: Conduit Return to the Mako and continue down the path. Move the Mako back and forth to avoid taking damage from the colossus' projectiles and continue attacking until it falls. Hit the ramp to warp to the besieged Citadel. Geth Colossus A few geth rocket troopers are stationed along final stretch.

You have forty seconds to make it to the Conduit after the cutscene. The impressive mass relay known as the Conduit is visible in the distance as you near the end of the trench run.

Immediately start down the decline and make haste to the Conduit. Ignore the geth forces along the way and continue moving towards the Conduit's launch pad. The two krogan are then followed by a geth destroyer and a juggernaut i. The Final Battle This is it. Sprint to the next turret. A pair of krogan warriors occupy the initial corridor. The turret across from the first requires an average Electronics skill to open. Turret Geth Dropship Once the geth dropship has been destroyed.

Kill the husks nearby and then ride the elevator to trigger a cutscene. There's no turning back now! Race Against Time: Final Battle Objective: Save the Citadel Make your way to the elevator at the other end of the walkway. There is a third turret a bit further from the second. Sprint towards the first Citadel Defense Turret up ahead and open it using the control at its base. Fight your way to the opposite end of the corridor and head up the ramp to reach the upper area. Proceed with caution as this section is occupied by a powerful krogan warlord.

Take out the geth troopers and snipers in the first section and then make your way to the next. Move down into the Maintenance Shaft once you regain control of Shepard. Use your squad's strongest abilities and pound the warlord with gunfire to bring him down quickly. A geth dropship enters the area and drops a number of geth troops. Keep your distance from the krogan because he is prone to charge. The tunnel quickly fills with geth as a tram car rams into its side.

Geth Heavy Turret Fight your way to the other end of the area. Destroy the geth as you move up to the Council Chamber to confront Saren. Saren Saren is completely indoctrinated now. While this can be a two part battle.

If Shepard is trained with a Sniper Rifle. Keep a close eye on Saren at all times because he can easily line up a shot while on his glider. Doing so earns you a large amount of Paragon or Renegade points and will also net you the 'Charismatic' achievement if you missed it back on Virmire.

Having Saren kill himself would definitely be preferable though. If you were able to use all of the blue or red options that were available during your encounter with Saren on Virmire. Seek cover close enough to a turret and damage it from there. If Shepard lacks the necessary training. The proceeding area is guarded by four heavy turrets.

Saren Saren's Suicide If you are unable to convince Saren that what he is doing is wrong. Be sure to get back behind cover before the turret's projectile reaches you. Make sure that Shepard and allies have weapon upgrades that up damage dealt to organics and to shields.

Lift is best used as soon as you've managed to bring Saren's shields down. The decision you make here yields a large amount of Paragon or Renegade points and affects the ending. Having more than one squad member with the Lift ability is even better.

Organic Saren Access the control panel that Saren was using to trigger an event. Synthetic Saren's movement is akin to that of the geth stalkers. Saren's corpse sheds its flesh to reveal a horrifying synthetic version of the turian. You can order the fleets to save the Ascension. Continue this routine to completely deplete Saren's health bar and send him crashing down to the courtyard below. The Paragon choice is saving the council. Overload can be used to lower the synthetic's shields a bit but won't be particularly useful unless you have more than one squad member using it due to the frequency at which your enemy's shields recharge.

Take the time to outfit Shepard and allies with weapon upgrades that increase damage dealt to synthetics and to shields before facing Saren Synthetic Saren You'll have to use every ability available to you if you want to bring Saren down once and for all. Joker radios in to inform Shepard that the Council is in danger. Move from cover to cover to avoid taking damage. Synthetic Saren It's not over yet. As far as tech abilities go.

Even a high level Overload ability won't put much of a dent in Saren's shield. A high level biotic Lift ability is invaluable during this fight. Track Saren's movements at all times so you'll know when you need to sprint to a different piece of cover. A New Game feature is now available. Sit back and enjoy the ending. To begin a new game with your previous character. This can be a lengthy battle. Keep an eye on Shepard's health and don't hesitate to use a Medi-gel or Unity to heal your allies.

Assassination for moments when Saren is perched on the wall or incapacitated by an ability such as Lift. Synthetic Saren Synthetic Saren is extremely agile and very quick. Note -. Save weapon abilities i. The End That's it. Signal Tracking. Planting a Bug. Agree to help her to add this assignment to your Journal. If your Charm or Intimidate talents are well-developed.

Family Matter. Upon entering. Xeltan's Complaint. The Fan. Asari Diplomacy. Missing Survey Team. Schells the Gambler.

Privateers Citadel II: Assignments available after completing Therum. Jahleed's Fears. Asari Consort. The ones that are available before that point are best completed once you're a Spectre so you can take advantage of the Charm and Intimidate bonuses the rank provides.

Speak with Gen. Assignments available after completing the first four storyline planets. Missing Marines. Reporter's Request. Hostile Takeover. Assignments dependent on Shepard's Pre-service History.

Make your way to the back of the chamber and head up the stairs. Doctor Michel. Citadel Assignments Citadel I: Assignments available after becoming a Spectre. Negotiator's Request. Rita's Sister. The general is seated at one of the tables near the back of the club. Speak to Sha'ira. Speak with him and tell him that Sha'ira sent you. Presidium Prophet. Scan the Keepers. Far-off Things Citadel Assignments I Some of these assignments are only available once you've attained Spectre status.

Just as it seems that you're in for a lengthy wait. You receive credits and XP as reward. After reaching that point. Doctor Michel Objective: Talk to Doctor Michel This assignment becomes available after Tali has been rescued during the main storyline.

Agree to help Michel and she asks you to talk to a merchant named Morlan in the Lower Wards market. Michel is being blackmailed. Xeltan's Complaint' assignment to your Journal.

Mass Effect 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Speak to Xeltan Xeltan can be found at the elcor embassy. Selecting the 'That's it? Speak with Sha'ira Once you have set Septimus straight. You do not need to persuade Septimus this way to complete the assignment. The General wants you to see an elcor named Xeltan and show him evidence that the rumours about Sha'ira revealing his secret are false.

Xeltan's Complaint This assignment is added to your Journal if you accept General Septimus' offer while speaking to him during the 'Citadel: Asari Consort' assignment. Speak to Xeltan once you have reached the embassy and present the evidence to him. Xeltan thanks you for easing his fears. Proceed with caution. Make your way to the end of the hall to reach the station's main chamber. Listening Post Theta. The Mako's drop point is surrounded by three research facilities.

The facilities can be cleared out in an order of your choosing. The Cerberus soldiers in this room guard what looks like a giant cage. Hades' Dogs. Once the enemies have been dealt with. With the two turrets down. The Negotiation UNC: Cerberus This assignment is available once the 'UNC: Missing Marines' assignment has been completed. When all of the Cerberus soldiers and rachni have been killed.

He leaves you with the coordinates to a research facility run by the Cerberus group. Derelict Freighter. You need to find out what this group is up to and put a stop to it. Listening Post Alpha. You learn of a dangerous group called Cerberus. Use the station to lower the cage and then kill the rachni workers within. Depot Sigma Rogue VI.

Besieged Base. Lost Module. Lost Freighter. Galaxy Assignments. Kahoku now fears for his own life and plans to go into hiding. Find the Geth Open up your map and locate the stairs that lead down to the tunnels. For this reason. Follow the walkway to its end and turn right. Follow the path at the bottom of the stairs until you reach a walkway. Geth in the Tunnels. Feros Assignments. Proceed with caution when the squad is ready. There's a geth transmitter in the tunnels. Use tech abilities such as Overload and Sabotage to lower the destroyer's shields.

Water Restoration. Once the krogan have been dealt with. Biotic abilities such as Stasis and Lift are especially helpful when facing the krogan because they can used to incapacitate one or more of them.

When you emerge from the first tunnel. You'll meet some geth as you descend. Destroy all of the geth in this tunnel. There are still geth in the tunnels underneath Zhu's Hope. The krogan also tend to charge. Once you've cleared the tunnel of geth. Varren Meat. Sprint towards the rubble in the distance and then turn left into the tunnel there.

They're just beyond the elevator that travels to the Prothean Skyway. Crippling abilities such as Lift or Singularity can be used for an easy kill. Data Recovery. The biggest threat here is the geth destroyer. Power Cells. Geth Attack' mission. Take out the two snipers first.

Be careful though. Take cover behind the rock on the left as soon as you enter the next area. Make sure that each of your squad members is at full health and full shields before you proceed because you'll encounter three krogan outside of the transmitter room.

Power Cells' and 'Feros: Water Restoration' all start in the Zhu's Hope colony and can be completed in the tunnels.


There are more geth in this tunnel to be destroyed. Do not let them get too close to you. A pack of varren—the alpha that David spoke of among them—inhabit this area.

The alpha varren is red and much tougher than his white counterparts. The pack of lesser varren can tear Shepard and allies to shreds if you aren't careful. You'll have to find and kill the alpha varren in the tunnels beneath Zhu's Hope so the lesser varren can be hunted. Attack the alpha varren until it falls to complete the objective. Unfortunately he is unable to hunt the lesser varren due to the due to the presence of the dangerous alpha varren. You'll have an easy time if you managed to wipe out the lesser varren before facing the alpha.

Find Alpha Varren Open up your map and locate the stairs that lead down to the tunnels. Once in the tunnels. When all of the lesser varren have been killed. David would like to rectify this problem by hunting varren in the tunnels and bringing the meat back to the colony. Agree to help Opold and he informs you that the package can be picked up at the Docking Bay by the Normandy. Noveria Assignments. If Shepard's Charm or Intimidate talents are developed enough. The package is for a krogan named Inamorda.

If you turn the hanar down. Selecting either of these persuasion options allows you to keep the package. Espionage An asari named Mallene Calis wants to speak with you. The package holds a powerful weapon mod. Return to Opold's store and tell him you have the package.

Mallene wants you to wiretap a salesman named Rafael Vargas. Anoleis gives you a garage pass for Opold's package. She can be found in Port Hanshan Mezzanine. Spectres are generally free of restrictions. The quality of the weapon mod inside of the package is dependent on your character's level. She believes that Binary Helix.

Dead Scientists Noveria: Smuggling Speak to Opold. Ask Opold about the recipient. Opold's request still stands.

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